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How to Choose Wedding Food That’s Perfectly Pleasing

Wedding food is very important when planning the perfect wedding day. Some of the things you need to decide upon are the time of day you will be serving; whether it is sit-down or buffet; the number of guests and their tastes; and, of course, your food budget.

The first thing to decide is if the wedding reception will be morning, noon, or night. Once that is decided you will then be able to start putting together a tasty menu.

For a Morning Reception

This is a less expensive way to go, but can still be very nice; it can be strictly a breakfast or a brunch. Breakfast foods can be foods such as fruit, omelets, pastries, and pancakes whereas, for a brunch, include some of the breakfast items along with other things like smoked salmon, bagels, cheese etc.

For a Midday Reception

This is becoming a very popular alternative but figuring out a menu can be a bit challenging as it’s too late for lunch but too early for tea.

The wedding food should be easy to eat such as a fresh fruit medley, cookies, small wedges of pies, fruit tarts, and small ├ęclairs. Serve a wide variety of things, but always in small portions.

For a Tea Reception

If your wedding food budget does not allow for a full meal then a tea reception is quite lovely and not nearly as expensive. With finger sandwiches and a dessert table to include cookies, candy and cake you’re all set to have a very elegant party.

For a Dinner Reception

The most formal and most costly reception is, of course, dinner. There are so many choices regarding the menu, the serving style and even the theme. You must decide if you want a traditional sit-down dinner or a buffet with or without specific food stations.

After you have determined the time of day for your wedding reception, you are then ready to make menu selections. If you have a wedding theme that might suggest a specific food type you will want to take that into consideration. If this is the case it will help narrow the wedding food options to a more manageable choice.

By all means get a per head quote based on several menu options; you will then know upfront what the final cost will be so you can make the best decision.

Don’t forget to find out if your wedding facility has a kitchen. If they do not then there will probably be additional charges if your caterer has to bring equipment.`

If you are planning to do the wedding food yourself, you would also need to know about the facilities at the wedding facility

At the time you are planning food for your wedding reception consider any special dietary needs you know of among your guests; be sure to provide a vegetarian option. Most caterers are prepared to serve some special dishes to comply with these needs.

These wedding food ideas and tips will help your guests enjoy your wedding but do remember that they didn’t come for the food, but to share in celebrating the two of you joining together to start a new and exciting life.

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