Great Wedding Reception Ideas

Now that you have started your wedding plans finding a place to hold your reception is sure to be among your top priorities, following are some great wedding reception ideas that you can choose from.

If you all ready have a theme for your wedding then the best idea is to carry that over into your reception. Just use decorations and colors that match or compliment your theme.

You can use your reception as the place to introduce your theme, by using butterflies, doves, gold or silver, hearts, roses or lilies. Once you have a theme you will find that your wedding reception ideas will flow more easily.

For great wedding reception ideas for an outdoor wedding think about holding the reception at a botanical garden, butterfly observatory or even in an old romantic barn. Keep in mind that you are trying to create memories that will last you a lifetime, so choose wisely.

If opting for an outdoor reception always have a bad weather plan in mind, in case of rain having a tent that can be erected will be a lifesaver. Keep the decorations in the same outdoor theme, this can be done by adding branches, flowers, pebbles or decorative stones. If lights are required paper lanterns add a wonderful touch of charm to your outdoor wedding.

Other wedding reception ideas for locations can include getting married at a vineyard, a small country inn or retreat centre. Many couples choose to be outside under a beautiful gazebo or by the side of a romantic lake with running water in the background. Whichever location you choose make sure it is accessible for your guests.

Once you have your location picked out and booked then you can start to concentrate on more of your decorating choices.

One of the top wedding reception ideas for decorating is to decorate with colored napkins, flowers, candles and ribbons tied to the back of the chairs. All of these accessories will be in the color that matches the theme and usually the bridesmaid’s dresses as well.

Adding scents to your outdoor wedding by including lavender or lemon verbena tied together in small pots, these would double as wedding favors for your guests. Other great wedding reception ideas for favors are by placing fragrant seed packages or teas wrapped in ribbon at each guests seat. How about using rocks as name places for your guests?

For a beach themed reception use light blue colors for napkins and add torches around your guests table to really make you feel as though you are in a tropical paradise. Starfish and seashells would make great wedding favors here. Use beach themed floating candles for the centerpieces of each table.

There are so many great wedding reception ideas to choose from, just let your mind wander and get your imagination working over time. None of the decorations have to be that expensive, flowers and pebbles can be gathered from the wild and placed in simple clay pots.

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