Creative Wedding Centerpieces

The trend these days is away from overstuffed oversized wedding centerpieces in favor of more modest and personal table decorations. A really special take on this concept is to eschew one large vase of flowers in favor of multiple small ones set at each place setting. These are some ideas for delightful individual wedding centerpieces.

Think of individual wedding centerpieces as a special decoration for each guest to enjoy, rather than as something for the sake of the table. In fact, many couples decide to have the individual centerpieces double as wedding favors for the guests to take home at the end of the reception. The actual design of each little floral display can tie in with the theme or general style of your wedding. Ultimately, you want to make one cohesive statement with all of your wedding details; everything from the wedding gown and jewelry, flowers, music, favors, and invitations should be in harmony.

If you are a bride who loves the classics from pearl wedding jewelry to engraved invitations, then the perfect individual centerpieces for your reception will be displayed in silver mint julep cups. Available plain, with a detailed edge, and engraveable, nothing says classic elegance like these little silver cups. Some of the prettiest flowers to use in them are pink peonies or big fat white garden roses. They would be a wonderful complement to a composite bouquet carried by the bride (the type of bouquet in which multiple petals are used to create a bouquet which looks like one enormous flower). Fill the empty void in the center of the table with a simple hurricane lantern.

For a very elegant mini centerpiece to place in front of each plate, try an orchid in a tall slim vase. The epitome of style and class, a single orchid branch makes a big impact. Orchids are available in an impressive array of colors, some of which even feature patterns like spots or stripes. Whether your wedding color is chartreuse, purple, burgundy, hot pink, yellow, or orange, there is an orchid to fit the bill. These elegant individual centerpieces will be great conversation starters at your reception. Complete the effect with a dramatic crystal chandelier hung over the middle of each table.

Casual individual centerpieces can also be quite nice. One fun idea is to take a small flowerpot, fill it with wheatgrass, and then “plant” a single gerbera daisy in the center. Alternate bright orange and hot pink daisies around the table for a terrific cheerful summer look. The flowerpots can be natural terracotta, or choose ones which are painted in a fresh white or even a contrasting color like lime green. If you want something unique to fill the middle of the table, how about a tiered stand of cupcakes in the same bright colors as the gerbera daisies? You can be sure that your guests will look forward to dining at such a happy looking table.

The simple Zen style is another wedding theme which lends itself to the individual centerpiece idea. Take clear glass vessels and fill them with smooth black river rocks. Set a lotus blossom on the top of each one, and you will have the perfect Zen mini centerpiece to set at each place. Enhance the theme with modern square plates in a dark grey glaze. You will have a modern and chic reception table with a minimum of effort.

The individual centerpiece idea is a very versatile reception design. Easy to work with, and generally more affordable than one huge centerpiece, the intimate scale and placement of the individual centerpieces gives them a more personal feeling. That is something that is sure to make your guests feel right at home at your wedding reception.

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