Tips to Choosing Wedding Favors

Somewhere in the history of the wedding, wedding favors was created to thank guests who attended the wedding ceremony. Most couples opt to thank their wedding guests through simple thank you gifts called “wedding favors.” Also, these little gifts serve as a memorabilia of the wedding. Wedding favors come in a wide variety of forms, themes and sizes, and because of this, many couples find it hard choosing what is best for their wedding. So to help, there are some tips when choosing great wedding favors.

Keep in mind the theme of your wedding. If you are planning a non-traditional event, then you will most likely need a theme for your party, as well as matching favors to give out. For example, a garden wedding deserves garden-themed wedding favors, like cute ceramic butterfly-shaped dishes; flower-inspired candle holders; and flower sachets. Actually, there are so many wedding themes to choose from, and whether you choose to hold your wedding at your back yard or beach, make sure that you will be selecting matching party souvenirs for your guests.

Wedding favors doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember, it is not the cost that counts. Be practical, yet creative when choosing favors. Inexpensive favors doesn’t literally mean “cheap.” In fact, you can surely find inexpensive favors that are as beautiful and attractive as expensive ones. Look for favors that are simple and can be personalized with your own personal touch. Or, you may also consider DIY favors, which are practical idea for your on-a-budget wedding. Find DIY favor kits at your nearest local craft stores or online stores.

Purchase wedding favors in volume. Wholesalers are a great source where to purchase favors in volume, and it is not new to you that bulk-buying means buying with discounts. These people would be happy to give you good discounts because you have purchased plenty items from their stocks and it shows that you patronize their and service.

Consider personalized wedding favors. Personalized wedding items are very popular nowadays. You can find a wide variety of favors that are available for personalized, at really cheap prices. What makes personalized wedding favors a cheap suggestion is that they are usually come in the form of common and cheap items, but can be enhanced with a personal touch. A personalized favor may include monograms, names, photos, dates, messages and other wedding details.

Shop online. Online shopping is not only designed to give savvy consumers an easy and comfortable shopping option, but also the opportunity to purchase items inexpensively. Unlike with what you will be paying at a local shop, online products are much cheaper as online store usually have lesser overhead charges compared with local stores. Also, it really pays to browse online because you can find and follow tips and ideas that most websites would gladly share to their readers. From cheap favors, cheap wedding gifts to other cheap wedding supplies, you can surely find what you really looking for online without spending too much.

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